Stamtavla för Damaianus Griffin Jr

Pedigree of Damaianus Griffin Jr






VDHCH, DECH, CACH, USCH Heirlair Reap The Whirlwind (Sire)

CH Jancada Just In Time

CH Tartanside Th´critics Choice

CH Tartanside Heir Apparent

CH Tartanside The Gladiator

Ravette´s Tar´n Feather

CH Briarhill Midnight High

CH Briarhill Glen Hill Sky High

Highfield´s A Tisket A Tasket

CH Jancada Promises Promises

CH Tartanside Apparently

CH Tartanside Heir Apparent

CH Tartanside Fairwind Fantasy

CH Jancada Whispering Wind

Jancada Burning Bright

Jancada Contessa

Arrowhill Southfork Song

CH Rockwood Scotch Guard

Rockwood Black Watch

CH Highefield Laravale Sigh

CH Rockwood Lady Amber Collen

CH Rockwood Blue Mindy

CH Highefield Laravale Sigh

Highefield Belle Of Rockwood

Arrowhill Wind Song

CH Arrowhill Oklahoma Storm

CH Chestry Ben Eagle Bounry

Arrowhill Forever Yours

Bandors For The Want Of A Nail

CH Bandor High Finance

Eaglehill Touched By A Dream

KORAD/TJH Country Squires Ayla (Dam)

KORAD/LP/TJH Road Racing Assik

LP/SLCH Dantos Baron

SBCH/SLCH/SUCH Speedlines Black Pepper

SLCH Speedlines No-nonsence

INT CH/NUCH Marble´s Hazy-blue

SLCH/LP/SL(ELIT) CH/TJH Byrilstorp´s Golden Grace

TJH Curant


Byrilstorp´s American Sweetheart

Rainshade Black Magic

AMCH Kingsmark El Captain

AMCH Kingsmark Silver Lining

Byrilstorp´s Golden Darling

TJH Curant

Byrilstorp´s Gold-simone

KORAD/LP/TJH Marble´s Black Yummy

Marble´s Black Veil

Surfing´s Black Viktorious Progress

Lynaire All In Black

Surfing´s Surfing-safari

Marble´s Blue Queen

Angeleye´s Cincinaticid

Marble´s Inky-black

Marble´s Blue Unni

Marble´s Blue Prince

Mari-mon´s Mylord

Marble´s Icy-blue

Vonny-hills Flo-jo Black Girl

Brilyn Field Marshall

Speedlines Golden Regina

Coefficient of Inbreeding of Damaianus Griffin Jr is 0%.